About me

23MM-wheels is a Derbyshire-based workshop specialising in bespoke, custom bicycle wheel-building. I service the greater Nottingham, Derby and Leicester area and the whole country via courier services. It is run by me, Mike Conway, a UK based wheel-builder  who has a passion for wheels which has grown from a love of long distance cycling.

I offer bespoke wheelbuilding, specialising in custom-built, road, rim-brake, disc, cyclo-cross, mountain bike and track wheelsets. More information about what I offer and frequently asked questions about my builds can be found on the Wheel-building FAQ page.

The advice I offer is all based on personal experience with building wheels over the years, from dealing with road-side repairs of wheels from poorly made factory wheels and some sloppy work by other custom wheel-building ‘specialists’. My knowledge is from working with builders and mechanics who love what they do and have meticulous attention to detail. My most valued source of knowledge was passed down from legendary wheel-building mentor  Gerd Schraner who’s workshop bench reference ‘The Art of Wheelbuilding’ is on the bookshelf (complete with greasy finger prints) of any good wheel-builder.

Although I offer options ready for customers to choose themselves, I am very happy to discuss over the phone, by email or indeed by you visiting me. I like to be sure of the particular needs of each customer before a commitment to ordering is made. I see this consultation as part and parcel of being a wheel-builder and I always find it a pleasure to discuss wheels. To me, it’s not really work – it’s a way of life.

A lot of people have asked me why I chose the name ’23MM’ for a wheel-building shop. The answer is that at the time 23mm tyres were the most popular road tyres to ride, and so I picked that as the theme. Of course, a few years later 25mm tyres became the trend, which kind of blew the wind out my sails a bit, however I pressed on, telling people that the most popular rim widths were 23mm… that’s also been shot down with 24 and 25mm widths being asked for in greater numbers. There’s me trying to pick a clever sounding name…