Components – Spokes

I use Sapim spokes exclusively, though can obtain DT Swiss and others if you prefer – contact me to discuss options.

Sapim Race (5.67g per spoke) spokes are basic, strong double-butted spokes that you will find in most wheelbuild options. If you want strong, long-lasting wheels and are not overly concerned about weight, this is a cost-effective option.

Sapim D-Light (4.8g per spoke) is a disc-specific spoke designed to be a replacement for Laser spokes in disc wheels as they handle the rigours of disc braking and off-road terrain better than it’s lighter counter-part. Best for sub-80kg riders when off-roading, otherwise if used for road application only, a heavier rider could consider them.

Sapim Laser (4.25g per spoke) is the lightest spoke available and although strong if built correctly within a wheel, is the weaker of the three spoke options. Asthetically, Laser spokes are skinny and beautiful, though is only recommended for sub-75kg riders.

Sapim CX-Ray (4.25g per spoke) is the best option available for strength, weight and aerodynamics. They are also 2-3 times the price of Race, D-Light and Laser spokes, however they are as light as Laser and also the strongest spoke available. Highly recommended for any rider weight.

Sapim Polyax brass nipples – these are the only nipples I use, either in black or silver. I won’t use alloy nipples due to their corrosion issues. Sapim say their alloy nipples should be as resistant as brass, but in my experience this is far from the case. Alloy nipples crack and crumble with corrosion if the slightest moisture gets into your wheels. Unsafe and a poor choice in my opinion. At an average saving of 40-50g per wheelset (about 5 x pound coins), I don’t think the risk is worth it.