Ordering FAQ

How do I order a wheelset?

  • See the main Wheelsets link where you’ll find various wheelsets for configuration. I also enjoy speaking directly with my customers about their needs and I can arrange payment on a pro-forma invoice basis. Just email me or give me a call to discuss.
  • I do offer some off-the-peg builds, which are pre-configured hand-built wheelsets where all you need to do is choose a couple of spec options and click the ‘Add to cart’ button. 
  • Please contact me to discuss any options which are not on the website – I’m happy to discuss details of your build. I accept payments on invoice or via card. 
  • I only accept payment upfront in full and don’t operate a deposit system. Margins on parts are extremely small, and it’s pretty much a tiny percentage I might make on parts plus my £50 build fee. Once paid, you agree to the build, and I’ll deliver within the agreed ETA.
  • I’m not a bike shop or chain – just one guy churning out a few high quality wheels a week from my garage / workshop in Derbyshire. As such I don’t get a massive discount on parts like the mega online shops do, and often I’m buying parts from the likes of Wiggle and Chain Reaction because trade prices are often the same as their retail prices. Bare this in mind when considering my rates.

Can I provide you with the parts and you build my wheels?

  • Generally I wouldn’t do this as I can’t guarantee the integrity of the parts customers provide.
  • As long as you’re only providing the hubs I am happy to provide the rims and spokes and build your wheels around these hubs.

Do you offer components for sale?

  • No, I only offer wheel-building – front, rear or wheelsets.

How long does it take to build a wheelset and when can I expect delivery after payment is taken?

  • Although I stock a lot of the components listed here (mostly spokes, nipples and rims), it is often a case of waiting for stock to arrive from distributors before commencing with the wheel-building. For parts to arrive and for wheel-building to take place usually can take as quickly as 3 days, however I sometimes allow up to 7 working days for orders to go out. Therefore I give 10-days as the maximum amount of time from the point of ordering, however in most cases wheels will be delivered between 3 and 5 working days in the UK.
  • Carbon rims often take 3-4 weeks to come in from China, so these builds take longer.

What are your shipping costs?

  • If you’re based in the UK, it’s £5.00 GBP to have a wheelset shipped via courier which is insured to £100 per consignment.
  • Outer-lying regions of the UK including Scottish Highlands, islands and Northern Ireland are charged at £30.00 GBP
  • EU shipping via courier service for a wheelset is £30.00 GBP which also includes some insurance depending on the destination. Again,
  • USA, Canada and the rest of the World are charged at individual rates dependent on the location.
  • Customers can choose whether they want additional insurance.

Packing a set of wheels…

  • I have my own double walled wheelset boxes made that fits a set of 26-inch up to 700c / 29er wheels very snuggly to ensure no moving around while in transit.
  • I use double slotted cardboard inserts top and bottom to hold the wheels in position in the box and stops them from banging into each other or into the side of the box.
  • As couriers can sometimes be rough handling boxes I pack the outside of the boxes with plenty of industrial packing tape that helps prevent the boxes getting holes punched in them.
  • They’re not bullet proof, but they are pretty damn strong.