Tim’s SON + DT on Mavic

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Tim from Cheshire wanted a reliable wheelset for audaxing with a dynamo hub capable of both charging devices and powering a set of lights. We agreed to get built a DT Swiss 350 ‘Hugi’ rear hub and Schmidt SON 28 dynamo on Mavic Open Pro using Sapim Race spokes. At under £500 this is a classic long distance hand-built wheelset that is both reliable and functional  and also fairly light weight.

Various dynamo single wheel builds

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With the UK’s premier audaxing event, London Edinburgh London, taking place this summer, I’ve been asked for quite a few dynamo builds, most of which I’ve not had the chance to take photos of, though here are some I did manage to photograph before sending during April and May:

Greg’s DT Swiss RR511 32mm deep rim laced to a SON 28 with silver CX-Ray spokes.


Charlotte’s Mavic Open Pro rim laced to an SP Dynamo PV-8 with black Sapim Race spokes.


 Mark’s Ryde DP Comp Disc rim laced to an SP Dynamo PD-8 with black Sapim Race spokes.

Simon’s XCS Carbon on Chris King

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Simon from London wanted a set of light carbon clincher wheels based around some top quality hubs for thrashing around on trips away in Yorkshire and the Lake District on his new bike. I suggested a set of XCS 30 tubeless rims laced 20/24 to Chris King R45 hubs, which he went with. The hubs were the fetching new Turquoise colour scheme and were laced up with Sapim CX-Ray black spokes and brass nipples. Total weight came in at 1478g.

Steve’s wheels – Phil & Extralite

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Steve from London was looking to replace his back wheel on his fixed gear bike with a Phil Wood hub and a carbon rim. He went for a 50mm XCS carbon tubeless clincher and I laced it up to a Phil flip flop hub with Sapim CX-Ray spokes and black brass nipples. Total build weight came in at 948g.


Steve also wanted a light weight set of alloy clincher road wheels for using on trips in the Alps and Pyrenees that would handle possible wet conditions. I had an new old stock set of Ryde Pulse Comp in stock (the old sub 400g version) and suggested building these up with a set of Extralite SL hubs. He went for them and I used CX-Ray spokes and brass nipples again laced 24-spoke front and 28-rear for a light yet very solid build. Total weight came in at 1280g.

Jon’s DT Swiss and SP Dynamo

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Jon from Bristol came to me for a set of wheels that would be capable of being reliable year-round for high mileage and for doing audaxes and winter duty. I recommended my favourite all-rounder rims, DT Swiss RR440’s (asymmetric rear) with 32-spokes and a SP Dynamo PV-8 dynamo hub up front and DT Swiss 350 Classic rear hub. Laced with Sapim D-Light spokes (Sapim Race rear drive side), the build came in under 2kg total.

Alex’s HED with SON & White Industries

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Alex from Denmark went for a serious audax build designed for functionality, low weight and longevity, picking high quality parts that will cope with the rigours of a season of randoneering including the Trans Continental Race from Belgium to Greece over the summer.

The build consisted of a set of HED Belgium Plus disc rims in a 32/32 Sapim CX-Ray spoke configuration with brass nipples laced to a SON Delux 12 thru-axle dynamo hub and a White Industries CLD 142 x 12 rear thru axle hub with 11-speed road freehub. Total weight came to 1983g which is low for a robust high spoke count disc-brake build with dynamo hub.