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David Smith:

Can’t speak highly enough of this super skilled and friendly guy. Contacted Mike to see if he thought he could fix my factory built DT Swiss Road rear wheel that despite being 2 years old was making odd pinging noises that my LBS had not been able to fix expecting I was going to have to pay for a new rim or spokes or something. Mike was terrific. Took the wheel in for investigation, contacted me with his recommendations and a written quote and the results were outstanding. He’s rebuilt the rear wheel with my existing rim hub and spokes with new black brass spoke nipples / washers etc and my wheel is now utterly silent. Still is after a few test rides. Mike also explained he could do hub internal upgrades so ordered me in the star ratchet upgrade and fitted that for me a few weeks later under again a written quote. Will use again and recommend to friends.

Mark "Bobby" Charlton:

Mike made me a great set of wheels that have covered over 25,000km without problems. When I finally managed to knock one out of true I sent it back for a quick service and he got me back on the road quickly - highly recommended.

Nick Allen:

Mike had built me a superb set of wheels. His recommendation throughout and after 4 months hard winter use , including plenty of night riding , lit using my dynamo hub, they are just what I wanted. Balancing strength, 36 spokes back and front, but still not too heavy and responsive. They withstood the Wessex roads on the Hard Bolied audax and lots more besides. I will be back for my next set.

Paul Bolton:

The wheels Mike built for me are doing brilliantly. Last year, I cycled from Ljubljana in Slovenia back to Lincoln and crossed some really rough forest tracks in Switzerland. This year, I cycled the Moselle and then crossed the Netherlands to get back to Lincoln. I’ve ridden about 8000 miles on the wheels and not had a single issue. Despite the weight of the camping kit and rough tracks etc I still have 100% of the spokes you fitted. Fantastic, proven builds.

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Andrew Tyler:

A huge thank you to Mike for a brilliant job well done. This was not an easy task - I needed replacements for a 1951 road bike, but Mike found the parts and created exactly what I needed. He's very friendly and approachable, gave me good advice and kept in touch throughout the build. Very grateful and delighted with my wheels!

Chris Steer:

I contacted Mike by email about a set of wheels to upgrade my bikes stock wheels, outlining what I was looking for. I received a prompt and professional reply outlining different options of components and their respective prices along with recommended builds at various price points. I ordered a set and they were ready for collection about a week later. The wheels run true and have definitely improved the bikes performance. They run perfectly true and I couldn't ask for better service from start to finish. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Abandoned Otter:

Mike and his building skills are exceptional. Very knowledgeable and happy to give a lot of advice. My Audax/TCR build is strong and reliable.He was able to source my SON 142mm hub with no issues and the wheel were delivered to Denmark in perfect condition. Strong and true, without doubt the best wheel I have ever owned or ridden. It is a pleasure to ride his wheels.

(HED Belgium Plus disc rims in a 32/32 Sapim CX-Ray spoke configuration with brass nipples laced to a SON Delux 12 thru-axle dynamo hub and a White Industries CLD 142 x 12 rear thru axle hub with 11-speed road freehub. Total weight came to 1983g)

Steven Tapp:

Excellent service and wheels. The CX set are lightweight and super strong, which is great given I’m a heavier rider. The carbon road wheels are super light, strong and look great on the custom steel bike. The front I sometimes switch out to use on the single speed which has the Paul’s rear hub. That is stiff as and looks 👌. The power transfer on the flats is great, also use it for hills training for the single speed and have set a pb on toys hill on 48x16. They maybe deep section but they don’t feel like it on the weight front.